Certified translations always include: Painstaking care while handling your original certificate, translation by myself, strict discretion concerning content and private details.


Since 04/04/1990, I have been registered as a certified translator for English/German, sworn at the "Landgericht Karlsruhe" (file no. E 3162-301 U), a higher regional court of the German State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. I offer certified translations of your documents for the language pairs:

English - German
German - English.

I generally perform all translations into German myself. For translations into English, I might call upon qualified, mother-tongue translators if necessary, depending on the purpose and the respective country.

With my signature and stamp, I certify that each translation has been checked thoroughly by myself and that they are complete and correct. I will never give any documents to my colleagues without obtaining your consent before.

Certified translations DE-EN and EN-DE:

  • Abiturzeugnis
  • Adoptionspapiere
  • Arbeitszeugnis
  • Diplomurkunde
  • Doktorurkunde
  • Erbschein
  • Führerschein
  • Geburtsurkunde

  • Heiratsurkunde
  • Ledigkeitsbescheinigung
  • Nachlassdokumente
  • Praktikumsnachweis
  • Scheidungsurkunde
  • Sterbeurkunde
  • Testament
  • Zeugnis

Prices for certified translations

Prices for certificates and other certified documents are calculated according to the number of lines in the translated text (target language). One line is equivalent to 55 characters, including spaces. The price per line depends on the difficulty of the text.

Posting, registration fees or costs for notarization will be charged in addition to the actual translation if necessary. The German VAT rate is currently 19 percent and must be added to the final price for all private customers and for business translations for German companies.

Send me your scanned document to be translated and I will prepare a quote for you.