diplom uebersetzerin imke brodersen

1985 - 1990 Studies of Applied Languages at the FTSK of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz/Germersheim.

1990 Graduation with a degree in English and Spanish translation, specialising in medicine and social studies

1990 Sworn translator for the English language at the "Landgericht Karlsruhe", an upper regional court of the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg

1990 - 1992 Export manager of a medium-sized company

In 1992, I decided to become self-employed and have worked as a freelance translator ever since.

I am especially interested in the area of medicine, sociology and psychology. And this particular interest in how and why people live together in the way they do has led to my passion for fantasy literature: worlds with other laws of nature and other norms, worlds in which anything that the imagination can conceive is possible.

My horizons have been broadened by my encounters with colleagues from the German translators' associations BDÜ and DVÜD, and by regular CPD courses.

I am an avid learner in several more fields, and perhaps it was only yesterday that I was engrossed in a topic for which you need a translation today. And if not, I might be able to recommend just the right colleague for your project.

Please contact me be phone or email or via my profiles on XING or LinkedIn