uebersetzung medizin

Medical and scientific translations are subject to special quality criteria which is why I have formed a network together with qualified colleagues. We provide you with excellent translations for the language pairs English-German and Spanish-German as well as German-English and German-Spanish. Translations into German are in general done by myself; for translations into English and/or Spanish I trust my highly qualified colleagues who also provide the background of a Spanish, British, or American native speaker.

Let us talk about your needs and let me contact or recommend the proper specialist for your project. Your benefits:

  • Specialist know-how in the medical field
  • Continuous professional development - specialist, linguistic and technical training on a regular basis.
  • Each of us translates into his/her native language.
  • Target group specific localisation.
  • Strict quality controls with proofreading according to the cross-check principle.
  • Consistent customer-specific terminology thanks to state of the art technology like SDL Trados Studio.

I am proud on serving my customers for years or even decades and consider myself to be your personal language service provider for translations from English or Spanish into German and vice versa. 

Likewise, I have worked with my trusted colleagues for many years and know their specializations. Through close teamwork we deliver translations when you need them, also when it comes to larger projects.

Know-how & experience

In the fields of science & medicine I translate the following types of texts among others in English-German (also with certification) and Spanish-German:

  • Certificates
  • Commercials, film, subtitling
  • Medical, laboratory and surgery reports
  • Medical opinions
  • Questionnaires
  • Textbooks & guidebooks

The language pair German-English is covered by experienced colleagues from the network. They also translate additional subject areas such as medical engineering.

On request, we are able to provide proofreading, copy editing, and/or German copy writing (e.g. in collaboration with medical journalists and scientific copy editors as for example Textbureau Strauß). We can form the proper team for your project in the twinkling of an eye.

Take advantage of my well attuned freelancer network and contact us here.

Most recent CPD for medical topics (selection):

  • 03/2018  XPOMET, Leipzig: Convention for Innovation and HighTech in Medicine. Focus: Regenerative medicine, digital health, self-tracking.
  • 01/2018  CPD congress for German medical doctors. Focus: IBD, rheumatology, microbiota, chronic pain, anxiousness and psychosomatic disorders, psychooncology.
  • 03/2017  Medical statistics. CPD seminar by BDÜ Rheinland-Pfalz.
  • 01/2017  CPD congress for German medical doctors. Focus: Nutrition, IBD, rheumatology, psychological trauma
  • 09/2016  Trauma surgery. CPD seminar by BDÜ Nord. Focus: Emergency room procedures, trauma treatment.
  • 07/2016  Medical knowledge: Hormonal system / General pathology and oncology. CPD seminar by BDÜ Nordrhein-Westfalen.
  • 02/2016  Between dream and trauma: Refugees. CPD seminar for volunteers, Evangelical Church of Baden.

My areas of specialty from A to Z

  • Asperger syndrome, autism
  • Chronic diseases (e. g. borreliosis, diabetes, IBD, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, skoliosis)
  • Clinical studies, pharmaceutical research
  • Complementary medicine
  • Diabetes
  • Gender medicine


  • Nutritional medicine, food allergies & dieting
  • Orthopedics & orthopedic surgery (joint replacement, scoliosis)
  • Pediatric and adolescent medicine
  • Physical therapy & body work (yoga, meditation, Tai Chi)
  • Psychology
  • Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Pricing - Medical Translations

My rates are determined to degree of difficulty (complexity), quantity and desired delivery date of the text - a short technical text will be calculated differently than an entire book.

Translations requiring specialist know-how and official documents are billed according to their actual lines in the target language (German). One line is equivalent to 55 characters, including spaces. Sales tax is not included.

Additional costs for shipping, registered letter, notary and court fees will be charged separately.

Depending on the type of text and order fees can also be calculated on an hourly basis or per word.

Literary translations are charged on the basis of standard pages. For more information refer to non-fiction.

Contact me so that I can make you a fair offer.